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Business Coaching is a skillful way to develop our self-awareness and affects our impact and influence as leaders & business owners. Coaching is the most effective way of achieving positive change and focuses on what you need to do to take your business to the next level.

Do you know what is holding you back?

Our bespoke solutions will help you to create a step-by-step action plan which will get you into action and achieve the goals you have set. If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always got!

MW Coaching recognizes that today’s competitive business environment requires every one of us to have Direction, Purpose and to be Accountable and Focused to be capable of performing at our maximum potential.



I have been empowering and inspiring businesses for well over 20 years. Together we can double your turnover and increase your productivity and efficiency by over 50%.

This 1 on 1 consultation will allow you to better understand how I will empower your business and to see if we are a good fit for each other.

Mark’s expertise has seen him work with companies around the world focusing on developing leadership potential, individual performance, self-enhancement and accountability. With more than two decades of international training expertise, Mark Wyngaard has been voted one of the best trainers and has helped many companies, teams and individuals exceed expectations & targets time after time.

With a passion to see companies and people succeed Mark Wyngaard delivers hugely entertaining and extremely interactive workshops. 

He focuses on the soft skills and delivers a raw, back to basics approach in a fast-moving world. 

Mark offers customised coaching sessions and trainings at your facility with you & your coworkers. A full day or half a day workshops that are fully customized, taking into account your industry, company’s culture, employees, KPI’s & company’s objectives. 

“CPOA believes in developing their employees and in order to achieve this, we have utilised the skills of Mark Wyngaard of MW Coaching since 2016.  Mark has been tasked with coaching on leadership development covering SWOT, Goalsetting, Time Management, Time/Diary management and Conflict Management. We would highly recommend Mark for any coaching and/or development your Company may require.”

– A Balchin

Mark Wyngaard’s key abilities include commercially astuteness, strong problem-solving, interpersonal communications and leadership skills, and a highly competitive, analytical, goal-oriented approach.

For over 20 years he has worked alongside International companies to concentrate on developing their leadership, potential, individual performance, self-enhancement and accountability. People is his passion and he believes that coaching is essential to growing individuals and organisations. His success is based on the ‘I CAN DO’ model.

Having run teams for the likes of British Telecom, the 2 Oceans Aquarium and Vodacom Corporate MW Coaching has a wealth of people skill knowledge. With over 4000 coaching hours of experience.

Through coaching, he will help you with defining sales strategies, budgets, targets, processes, KPI’s, optimizing sales/lead acquisition teams: rightsizing, change, roles, skills, optimizing customer service/ retention & cross- and up-selling. Coaching is a skilful way to develop self-awareness that affects impact and influence of leaders. Together, with Mark you will focus on outcomes linked to your business’ objectives and organizational goals. Staying resourceful, purposeful and motivated is key to the performance and all Mark’s experience shows the on-going development of an individual’s potential is critical to business success. 

Mark Wyngaard knows how to train people to become effective leaders. 

He focuses on developing results that will improve all key performance areas including:

  • Improving management, teamwork and leadership
  • Improving impact, influence and performance
  • Build a high-performing team
  • Increase in productivity and morale
  • Optimize performance and implement specific action
  • Goal setting, strategizing, planning
  • Helps identify solutions to specific work-related issues
  • Better interpersonal skills and relationships
  • Greater ownership and responsibility
  • Greater clarity in roles

Sales coaching is not about text book skills, it is about using different approaches to meet business needs and is the most effective way to boost work performance!

MW Coaching focuses on outcomes linked to the business and organisational goals. Mark Wyngaard’s coaching & mentoring includes helping your staff with Strategy and how to be Pro-Active while encouraging motivation and the know-how which leads to better performance management. He also assists with structure and team building.  He understands both company objectives and individual concerns and encourage buy-in which handles the retention and productivity issues that many organisations face. 

With extensive experience with sales tools (cold calling, tele-sales, processes, pipelines, reports & closing), he encourages buy-in which handles the retention and productivity issues that many organizations face. 


  • Time Management
  • Productivity
  • Motivation & Team Morale
  • Processes
  • Ownership & Accountability
  • Structure
  • Diary Management
  • Goal Setting through ICANDO & SMART
  • Moving from Re-Active to Pro-Active

The Enneagram is perfect for self-leadership development. Learn what makes each of us tick and the challenges we are likely to face.

The XT profiling is a top hiring tool for recruitment to ensure the applicant is a good fit & offers the skillset required.

MW Coaching DISC for Sales profile will eliminate hiring an account manager when you are looking for a hunter. Understand what motivates this individual.

What is the next step in your recovery? What would a new you look like? What have you learned through your past experience that you can use in your new life?

Your past does not define you, it allows you to take your past experiences which I call “feedback” and to implement your feedback into your journey ahead. You cannot live in the past and expect to have a new lease of life. How can you see where you are going if you are looking behind you?

Too often I hear “why me”. My believe is why stagnate in this question. Why not ask yourself: “How can I help or support others who are suffering too?”. You cannot change what has transpired but you can take your power back and take control of your feeling, thoughts & actions, one day at a time.

In these challenging times, what does your new life look like, do you have a written plan of action, or strategy, for your life?  This is the route map that you should be directing your thoughts & actions in order to realize the New Life you deserve!

When you plan a journey by road, you choose the destination, the vehicle which you will travel in, the route you will follow, where you refuel, sleep, eat and the money required for the journey. You can also use this analogy to describe your life’s journey ahead.

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Increase sales

Improving productivity, morale, motivation, finding ways to respond to your clients’ needs and other skills that we will work on through our coaching meetings will result in your business growth and long term success.

planning | goal setting | analyzing

Learn how to find your weak points (SWOT), identify solutions to specific work-related issues, understand and structure your business, set up the end goals, learn prospect & suspect planning & get on your path to success.

Increase productivity

Conscious caring about you staff morale and motivation can move mountains. Build trusted team and increase productivity. Smart time & diary management will be one of your very powerful tools.

Gain financial freedom

Your effectiveness and productivity, along with good time management will allow you to finally enjoy your private life as well as comfort with finances.

Find what drives you | Big Picture

Realising what are your motives, where lays the Big Picture and what is your ultimate purpose will give you a new perspective and direction, that is so important in building a successful career.

Move from Re-Active to Pro-Active

Learn how to define smaller steps in the process, build an actual action plan and take the initiative. It’s the only way you will find yourself grow.

Improve communication skills

Think about the relationships with others, learn how to communicate more effectively, find better ways to get what you need.

Overcome fears

Take advantage of your weaknesses and challenges, overcome your fears and whatever is blocking you from achieving your goals.

Build ownership

Build ownership and responsibility in yourself and your staff members. START being accountable and STOP the excuses. Accountability and Ownership. Delegating tasks. Trust. Empowerment. All these are necessary, yet so hard to learn skills in business management.

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