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Section 1: The Coaching Process.

  • Chapter One: Life Coaching Defined.
  • Chapter Two: Life Coaching Explained.
  • Chapter Three: Coaching versus Counselling and Therapy.
  • Chapter Four: Essential Coaching Beliefs.
  • Chapter Five: Essential Communication Skills.
  • Chapter Six: Coaching for Results.
  • Chapter Seven: The History and Development of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Section 2: Advanced Life Coaching Skills.

  • Chapter Eight: Reframes.
  • Chapter Nine: Matters of State.
  • Chapter Ten: Representational Systems.
  • Chapter Eleven: Fundamental Rapport Skills.
  • Chapter Twelve: The Milton Model.
  • Chapter Thirteen: Meta-language Patterns.
  • Chapter Fourteen: Coaching Meta-programs.
  • Chapter Fifteen: Metaphors with Meaning. Chapter Sixteen: The Spiral Coaching Model.